AUgust 19, 2011

The July meeting of the Society was held on Saturday the 23rd and was well attended. Our AmeriCorps worker Tyfany was on hand to discus her projects on local tours of historic sites and cemeteries. On July 24th we held our first summer concert series at the site, and less than two dozen people enjoyed a pleasant afternoon on the lawn listening to the sounds of “Two much fun”.

The next event at the Richland headquarters will be the annual Redfield Schools reunion, held this upcoming weekend on Saturday August 20. Anyone who ever attended a school in the town of Redfield is invited, and honorees include the few living graduates of the old Union High School there. Fay Ann Colvin has charge of the event, and can be reached at The following day, Half-Shire President Doyle will be a guest speaker at the McClear Reunion at Black Lake. The McClear family is closely tied to the Yerdon and Castor families of Redfield.

On Saturday August 27, the Society will hold its next monthly luncheon meeting. All are welcome, contact Shawn Doyle at 298-3620 to let us know you are coming so we can plan for lunch. On August 28 we are expecting to have our next concert series musical event, and more information will be out next week. The time will be 1-4 pm with a barbeque on site offered by another local group. These events are a great way to bring the community and the organization together and are absolutely free! Please join us.

Our extended hours this summer have been a boon for researcher. We will continue to be open Wednesday through Saturday into the autumn months, hours vary around 11am-3pm and extra time can be offered by calling us. We now have a phone! 298-2986 is not only our new number, but the number of our longtime secretary George Widrig who passed away a year ago. An internet hotspot in the main hall also is proving its worth; our thanks go out to Frontier communications for al, the work in getting us up and running!

Research continues on the Sampson and Tryon families of Richland and Sandy Creek. Brenda Sampson May of Liverpool has been a great new member encouraging us to look into the Revolutionary War record of Levi Sampson. George Wise of Volney donated and early Sampson bible that ties into the family for which we are grateful. Sharon Turo continues to work on cataloging images of her family donated to our collection. Her template is now a model for how to organize photos! Kathy Watson has been putting together some information on the McNett families along with Tousley and Potters. There is always activity in the building during volunteer days!

Nancy Smith and Erma Schroeder hosted an art class with Pulaski Art Center Director Pat Tanner on August 11. Over 40 people came to work on beads and other jewelry and art. The 2012 calendar is being researched thanks to the efforts of Erma Schroeder and Nancy Smith, look for that by the beginning of the month.

Half-Shire can be reached at or searched out on facebook at “halfshire” This site has become a great forum for members. Our email is and our phone number is 315-298-2986.

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