June 22, 2007 Column

Half-Shire Historical Society (June 22, 2007)
It’s now down to “crunch time” at the Oswego County Fairgrounds in Sandy Creek. Every building Superintendent is working extra time to get things ready and in order before opening day Friday June 29. The last item of work (also the most important) is the preparation of the race track. As of this writing that too is coming along as planned, and the grading and rolling should take place by the last weekend of June. In the Heritage building, progress has been slow but steady as historians have been bringing up their items to display. This year we are going to have a full building, and have had to cut back on some of our “sitting room area” we are hoping that with placement of several more round tables in each exhibit area people will still find lots of comfort to sit and talk with historians and friends.
On Friday June 29 the new cattle barn will be formally opened. The Association has voted to dedicate this new structure to Senator James Wright for his continued and sustained support of the Fair Association through the years. At 2 p.m. on the 29th the Senator will be on the Fairgrounds for the ribbon cutting that will take place at 2 p.m. The public is welcome to attend and thank Jim for his great support over the years. The last cattle barn was constructed in 1959 under the direction of the local 4-H clubs and the Future Farmers of America. George and Sybil Cummins provided us with a 4-page brochure given out on the opening day. We expect to have a new brochure out for this barn also. The accompanying photo is from the construction week, and shows several of the workers. We sure would like to know who is in this photo! A special display panel on the 1959 barn construction will be on display at the fair, come and see if you can guess who is in the photos!
To mark the 150th fair the sesquicentennial committee has gathered photos from the past and will have free standing exhibits in each building. For the new several of these photo exhibits we are indebted to Doug and Dee Dee Barclay of Pulaski who donated photos of animals and flowers shown at the fair in years past. For the Cattle barn, two large panels detailing the pedigree of two specific cows have been completely re-matted by Charlotte DeGeatano and her scrapbook club. Glenn Hall re-framed these large displays, and they will be on display in the new cattle barn. The scrap booking club also has done two floral panels showing some orchids and Iris shown by the late Dorothy Barclay in the 1930s. The Barclays also donated three very nice silver trophies that will be on display in the Heritage building.
Our tri-fold fliers were a little late in arriving this year, so on June 19, we hurriedly assembled a Fair newsletter that had been held up waiting for the material. Thanks go out to Julia Marie Lambie, Milferd and Pat Potter And their two Florida houseguests for coming up to Half-Shire to assemble the Fair newsletter with Shawn Doyle. It is great to have a “mail girl” helping with such work, and Pat Potter is great at these tasks.
On June 22 and 23 the Sandy Creek Class of 1957 will be meeting at Half-Shire for a class reunion lunch and mixer. Milferd Potter has charge of the affair, and he had worked hard on a commemorative book on the class. Thanks go out to Erin Bacon for her assistance to Milferd.

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