September 4, 2009

On Saturday August 22, Half-Shire hosted our monthly lunch meeting at Richland. Following a lunch of stuffed pork chops with all the fixings, there was a short meeting and some historical discussion.
On Saturday August 29, we hosted the 25th annual Redfield Schools Reunion. The event was a great success with over 30 people present. Three members of the surviving graduates of the Redfield high School were present: Ron Jones, Meda Perry Yerdon and Edward Simson. Meda Yerdon was cited for her commitment to her alma mater in organizing the first reunion 25 years ago, and most of the subsequent ones through the years. A large contingent of Yerdons was present, so a family photo was taken which represented descendants of Abraham Yerdon (1837-1923) through two of his daughters and three of his sons.
Vernon V. Randall was the most senior member present, and of those who attended Redfield Schools Don Yerdon the youngest. Officers of the group were re-elected for another term: Mike Yerdon, President; Shawn Doyle Secretary and Fay Ann Yerdon Colvin Treasurer. Those in attendance enjoyed browsing Half-Shire’s extensive collection of Redfield photographs and scrapbooks, and also shared many good stories!
Also with us on the 29th were two researchers from the west—Mila Behunin Anderson and Nola Behunin Durall. Both of these ladies are descendants of Albert Bohanan, one of Richland’s earliest settlers who located at the mouth of Snake Creek on Lake Ontario about 1803. They brought with them some very good information on the family which was footnoted well. Going through our files the ladies found additional information to add to their files, and they returned the next two days meeting with George Widrig and Erma Schroeder. The current information seems to lead to a direction that the Bohannan/Behunin family was of French Canadian descent.
On September 5, the Ballou and McCaw families of Redfield will gather in Redfield for their 20th Family reunion. Half-Shire has an extensive collection of documents on these early Oswego County families in our collection. Half-Shire will conduct a display/sales booth at the Redfield Old home Days on the 5th and 6th from noon until 6 pm each day.
Half-Shire’s Richland research facility is open four days a week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-1pm and Fridays 9-4 pm. We are also pleased to schedule any other appointments. Our faculty is located in the former Richland hamlet school, 1100 County Rte. 48, Richland, (PO 73) or on the web at

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