Another Correction

yet another correction!
The George Widrig Art show and silent auction at Half-Shire has been moved from Saturday October 25 to Saturday November 6,
By October 25th when we are open all day for Archives day we anticipate having George’s collection on the walls for viewing.
More information to follow.

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Nancy Smith holds research hours on Tuesdays from 11am until 2pm at Richland. Erma Schroeder is at the facility on Fridays from noon until about 4pm. On Friday October 15, I will resume Friday hours at the Barclay Court House from about 3pm until 5.
Any of us can meet people otherwise by appointment, contact me at 298-3620 or by email
—Shawn Doyle, President

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October 8, 2010

The Agricultural Society of Oswego County held its annual meeting at the Sandy Creek Masonic hall on Friday October 1st. The 2009 officers were reelected to serve another one-year term. Congratulations are extended to all of the reelected officers who dedicate a tremendous amount of time to planning and executing the fair each year.

The Great flood of 2010 is now a memory. On Thursday night September 30, the waters in Pulaski began to rise dangerously as Brookfield Power released water from both of their Dams in Orwell following heavy rains. A group of Half-Shire members having dinner at the Riverhouse that evening noted that the old mill race south of the restaurant had filled up, and was approaching the parking lot. By early morning of October 1st the waters rose to a point within a foot of the “short bridge” in Pulaski, and lapped the sides of the bridge in Altmar Village, flooding Bridge Street on the south side. Scenes reminiscent of the December 1984 floods played out again and again through the media. At 8am a large section of the crumbling retaining wall along River Street in Pulaski crashed into the river, bringing with it a large section of land. Emergency crews from Oswego County under the leadership of Kurt Ospelt worked through the day adding large blocks of stone to the chasm to prevent further erosion which could have endangered the sewage pump station. (Right, 1903 flood courtesy of Bob Wart)

A few photos were taken by this writer, while many more were taken by Selena Belser. The Society is looking for donations of other images from the flood that can be printed and added to our notebooks on the Salmon River in the flood category. Email images to our address or send prints to our P.O. Box, credit will be given to all photographers.

Work continues at the society during our Tuesday and Friday shifts at sorting materials from George Widrig’s estate. Scanning of photography at the Court House in Pulaski has picked up with local seniors Genna Phillips and Carson Balcom working under the direction of Andrew Balcom, ’06 graduate. The trio is finishing up scanning photographs from the Pulaski and Amboy Masonic orders, as well as the Vernon Randall collection from Redfield.

Half-Shire can be reached at P.O. Box 73, 1100 County Rte. 48. Richland, NY 13144 or on the web at or

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