Half-Shire Historical Society

Half-Shire was founded on November 15, 1972, by six residents of northern Oswego County. They sought to form an organization that better represented the unique history of the northern section of the region. (The name Half-Shire refers to the founding of the country in 1816, settling a regional/political split by which the duel county seats were created: one at Oswego and the other at Pulaski.) In 1975, the Half-Shire Historical Society received its provisional charter. In 1978, the Society was permanently chartered by the New York State Education Department.

Since 1973, the group has used the former Hamlet of Richland school building as its headquarters. During the 1970s and 1980s the second floor housed many historic exhibits. During this time the building was not heated, and the structure deteriorated. In the 1990s, renovation began on the entire building. The first floor received new sheetrock and new concrete floors were poured.

Beginning in 2000, the second floor has been worked on one room at a time. Two of the four large classrooms were renovated and two more are under renovation. Two smaller second floor rooms are also undergoing repairs.

Meetings are held ten months of the year, March through December. Programs are conducted in Richland and at various locations, including the Oswego County Fairgrounds in Sandy Creek where Half-Shire has had charge of the Heritage Hall since the early 1990s.

Half-Shire produces a twelve-page, quarterly newsletter, and in partnership with the Historical Association of South Jefferson a quarterly supplement, “The Tug Hill Literacy Review”. The Society has also published four volumes in a “History of the Town of Redfield” series, a pictorial Arcadia Images of America series book, “Northern Oswego County”, and many small historical town profiles.

Half-Shire’s mission is to “Preserve, protect and promote the history and genealogy of the the twelve towns of northern Oswego County along with the Lewis County Town of Osceola and the Oneida County Town of Florence”. membership is $12 per year, $25 for supporting membership and $250 for lifetime. Tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted.

Friday Noon – 4pm or by appointment
Closed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday however, appointments may be available upon request for these days.
Contact Shawn Doyle at (315) 298-3620 or (315) 532-5919 for an appointment

The Half-Shire Historical Society
P.O. 73; 1100 County Rte. 48, Richland, NY 13144-0073
Phone: 315-298-2986; halfshire@hotmail.com www.halfshire.com

Facebook: “Half Shire”
Founded on November 15, 1972; NYSED charter: Provisional-Dec. 1973; Permanent-Feb. 1978
Officers (2018-2020) with terms of office expiration

President (2020) Shawn P. Doyle, 85 Lake St, Pulaski, NY 13142 315-298-3620 spdinpul@hotmail.com

Vice Pres. (2020) Greg Monette, 1847 Co. Rte. 6, Fulton, NY 13069 315-532-8265 moon2eye@yahoo.com

Treasurer (2020) Betty Warren, 2785 Co. Rte. 2, Richland, NY 13144 315-298-2975 Bettybjwarren@aol.com

Secretary (2020) Fay Ann Colvin, P.O. Box 592, Brewerton, NY 13029 315-447-4270 facolvin@windstream.net

Librarian (Appointed) Sharon L. Turo, P.O. Box 265, Sandy Creek, NY 13145 315-387-3112 slturo@earthlink.net

Board of Trustees (2019-2020) with terms of office expiration

Albion (2020) Florence Gardner, P.O. Box 394, 312 Bridge St, Altmar, NY 13302 315-298-5723 (no email)

Amboy (2020) Lori E. Monette, 1847 Co. Rte. 6, Fulton, NY 13069 315-657-3579 gratefullyadopted@yahoo.com

Boylston (2020) Marcy Newman, 184 Co. Rte. 13, Lacona, NY 13083 315-387-5458 marcyn@frontiernet.net

Camden (2020) Rebecca Kennedy, 4939 North Jefferson St., Pulaski, NY 13142 315-298-0120 rkennedy62@yahoo.com

Florence (2021) Doreen Tilton, 12334 Florence-Redfield Rd. Camden, NY 13316 315-245-2760 (no email)

Mexico/New Haven (2021) Louise Meyer 513 Co. Rte. 58, Mexico, NY 13114 315-963-3652 llhjmeyer@gmail.com

Orwell (2021) Rose Graham, P.O. Box 162, 1999 Co. Rte, 2, Orwell, NY 13426 315-298-2070 rosegrah@yahoo.com

Osceola/Montague (2021) Leona Chereshnoski, 1075 Comins Rd., Redfield, NY 13475 315-599-8836 lchere@hughes.net

Parish (2021) Venita Ackley, 422 Kipp Rd. Parish, NY 13131 315-382-6529 ackleyv@gmail.com

Redfield (2022) (Vacant)

Richland (2022) Robin Philips, 102 Ivans Rd., Pulaski, NY 13142 315-298-7279 designsofelegance@netzero.net

Sandy Creek (2022) Margaret Kastler, 1695 Co. Rte. 15, Lacona, NY 13083 315-387-5209 kastlerm@hotmail.com

Williamstown (2022) Glenna Gorski, P.O. Box 54, Co. Rte. 17N. Williamstown, NY 13493 315-964-2393 glgorski@frontiernet.net

Trustee-at-Large (2020) Barb Monette, 75 East Seneca St., Oswego, NY 13126-1123 315-343-2470 bmone14159@aol.com

Trustees Emeritus Charlene Cole, 519 Co. Rte. 12, Pennellville, NY 13132 315-695-2820 schistoriansandycreek@gmail.com

Julie Robst, 1100 Druid Rd. East, Apt. 511, Clearwater, FL 33756 727-276-4375 keeperofthetree@aol.com

Liz Grant, 722 Co. Rte. 47, Redfield, NY 13437 315-599-7735 (no email)


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