April 29, 2017

Half-Shire Historical SocietyApril 29, 2017

The spring round of renovations are nearing completion.    We will be awaiting some changes to the new ceiling fan lights, which though they look good, do not provide enough light.  Other than these lights, all parts of this project have gone well.   We are hoping to continue with restroom renovations later in the year.

Scanning began on Saturday April 1, on the New Haven Congregational Church records.  These records go back to 1817 and document births, baptisms, marriages and deaths as part of a narrative kept by the early secretaries.  This project began with Robert Ballou of New Jersey scanning for two days, and has continued with Cheryl House taking on much of the scanning.   We anticipate this will be a lengthy process.

Workdays on April 15 and 16 saw much of the lawn raked, and more cleaning inside.   By Wednesday April 19th most of the 1st floor was cleaned and opened to the public for Screen free week activities.   Despite lower lighting, many area youth enjoyed a day of crafts and games, and good food.  Thanks to Kathy Watson, Shelly Joss, Caroline Staintan and others for assisting Erma Schroeder in the day’s events.

The next regular meeting of the society will be held on Saturday April 29th.   Following a noon lunch we will go over the bills for the late project and discuss the work plan on genealogy and research for the coming year.  All are welcome.    On Friday May 5, we are scheduled to lead a bus tour of the eastern towns for the 2017 Leadership Oswego County class.    Following visits to the Alford Farm, the Kallet Theater, Pulaski’s historic district, Salmon River Falls and the Altmar Fish hatchery, the group will enjoy a late lunch at Half-Shire.   Shawn Doyle will guide the tour with leadership Oswego County staff.

Half-shire can be reached at www.halfshire.com or on facebook at “Mary White” (we are having trouble with our account currently.   We are located at 1100 County Rte 48, Richland, NY 13144

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