August 1, 2008 column

Half-Shire Historical Society
August 1, 2008

Our dinner theatre presentation of “Stratocles or War” on Friday July 25, was attended by a mere 28 people, yet those who attended were pleased with homemade spaghetti and meatballs and individual home-baked cupcakes. The cast of the play was led by Loyola students Erin Bacon and Christian Klamner, along with PACS History teacher John Gosek, and Erin’s mother Donna and sister. Half-Shire Secretary George O. Widrig began the play with a brief narration. Erin’s Mom deserves special recognition as she was asked to perform only that day, as another cast member couldn’t make it. Donna did a tremendous job! All of the cast deserve special recognition, —and will have it as history will record that the first English language performance of this play was held in Richland, NY.
The dinner theater meal was expertly prepared by members Margaret Sullivan and Erma Schroeder. Shawn Doyle lent some help with meatballs, and desserts were done by Doreen Tilton of Florence. On Saturday July 26, the Society met for the monthly meeting and enjoyed—spaghetti leftovers! Everyone enjoyed the meal and by the end of the day nothing remained—the best part of a long weekend. During the meeting the new proposed bylaws were passed out and reviewed. Vice President Greg Monette has worked on these for the past few months. The by laws reflect the enlargement of the society and update some language to catch up with our evolving mission. They will be voted on for the last time at the Annual meeting in September.
President Doyle appointed a nominating committee consisting of Dick & Glenna Gorski and Margaret Kastler. The four principal officers and at-large Trustee along with Trustees representing Albion, Amboy, Boylston and Orwell will stand for election in September.
The digitalization project has moved along quite swiftly since the fair. During July 23-25 Leah Munz of Osceola spent 6 hours a day at the Barclay Court House working on the Kent and Adams photo collections. Great strides were made, and it is anticipated that with another three or four like days we will be caught up.
Once images are scanned prints are made and housed in our main shelves for the public to view. During our open hours each Friday from noon-4 pm the photo collections have been available.
On Saturday August 9, Half-Shire will host the Redfield Schools reunion from noon until 2pm. This 27th annual gathering of students who attended the rural and village schools was moved to Half-Shire last year. A chicken and biscuit dinner will be served for the cost of $7.50. Contact Shawn Doyle at 298-3620 if you would like to attend.
Half-shire has been present every other weekend at the Pulaski Farmer’s market in the South park. Our little table offers books and maps for sale to the public, stop ion and say hello if you are able to make the market. Weekly entertainment has made the market a popular venue this year.
Family historians and researchers from across the nation continue to drop in on us. We were pleased to see Linda Babcock from Colorado two weeks ago, and we missed Glenn Flodstrom who stopped by when we were closed. The Grant family reunion was held at Half-Shire to the satisfaction of all the family who came from across the nation and around the world. Our growing library has been a good draw for events like these, as well as research days.
For more information contact Half-Shire at P.O. Box 73, 1100 County Rte. 48, Richland, NY 13144 or on the web at or our new website at

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