Download RAW DNA data from Ancestry to Upload to GEDMATCH

Download RAW DNA data from Ancestry to Upload to GEDMATCH


Are you on You would download dna from (Ancestry) and upload to gedmatch (free site) to find more cousins.
Ones who took ,,, and other sites..

If you prefer video ->


Step 1.) Go to DNA , your dna results summary page and click “Settings”





Step 2.) On the righthand side click “Get Started” and click “Download Raw Dna Data”


Step 3.) Enter you password to ancestry, check the box




Step 4.) Go to your email and click the Confirm Dna Download Link



Click on Download Raw DATA and a file will download. This file is needed for GEDMATCH




Email us the zip file if you choose , from here we can do the rest!



How to upload

Then go to


Once you create an account, you will see this on your home page:


Click to upload your data.  Either upload or the GENERIC UPLOAD LINK will work!



Then fill out this page, and at the bottom upload your DNA file.


It’s IMPORTANT that you wait for all chromosomes to load. It generally takes about 5-10 minutes. It will tell you when it’s finished. Write down the kit number that it assigns to your upload.


Once you have loaded your data, you will be able to use some features of the site within a couple of minutes. Some of the tools comparing you to everyone in the data pool generally take a couple more days for batch processing to complete. However, it can take as much as several weeks to become available, if there is a processing backlog.


  • AncestryDNA kit numbers start with ‘A
  • 23andMe kit numbers start with ‘M
  • Family Tree DNA kit numbers start with ‘T
  • MyHeritageDNA kit numbers start with ‘H
  • WeGene kit numbers start with ‘W
  • GenetiConcept kit numbers start with ‘E
  • Genes for Good kit numbers start with ‘G
  • Generic or custom kits start with ‘Z


Results look like this:

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