Half-Shire Historical Society February 22, 2018

Half-Shire Historical Society

February 22, 2018

    Winter weekends have found a full contingent of Half -Shire trustees and volunteers at the building working on projects.   On February 17, a good work day was conducted with seven officers present.  Through The following week President Monette has been working on inventories of newspapers and other collections.  Curator Erma Schroeder has been a regular at the building through the winter months working on the obituary collection.

      Work across Oswego County among town historians is focused on trying to better assess our World War I lists and records.  The recent release of NYS Historians office records to ancestry.com has allowed access to some very good files collected in the 1920s by area historians.  Dan Allen of Oswego has reached out and asked the current historians to provide information for the 100th anniversary of the Great War.  Half-Shire has downloaded the pertinent pages and records from online sources and we are working to build notebooks for each of our twelve towns.

      Detailed books on the lives of World War I vets have been published in the past for Osceola, Williamstown and Sandy Creek.  It is hoped that biographies can eventually be constructed on all of our other towns.  Richland historians Shawn Doyle and Kevin Stewart are working on the Richland and Redfield lists.   Florence Whitney of Pulaski compiled very credible records in 1922, while Agnes Duane Grant assembled records in Redfield, neither sets of records were ever compiled in a published format.

    The goal of the Richland historians is to have notebooks on the men named on the Pulaski World War I monument available by Memorial Day for public inspection.   Copies will be provided to the American Legion, VFW and the Pulaski Historical Society.  Over 175 men and one nurse, Golda E. Tryon, are credited with service from Richland and Pulaski.

    The society will be closing the building for a portion of March as we lay down our new laminate wood flooring in the main hall and hallways.  This project is a result of a successful Pulaski Community Fund Grant in 2017.  In order to do this we must disconnect our furnaces for a few days, and so this work will be delayed until the danger of a hard freeze has passed.

      Sharon Turo and Linda Remilard have completed their extensive editing and updating of the Pulaski Masons biography book.  This book was begun by two Pulaski students in 2006, Colin and Libbie Wansink.  The purpose of the project was to research the identities and biographies of 100 men whose photos have hung in two large frames at the Pulaski masonic Temple for over 125 years.  The two students split the work, 50/50, and as part of two Snow Scholarship projects, and during their time identified the basic vital records and life information on the men.    For the past two years Sharon and Linda have transformed this booklet into a detailed study on the lives of these men, and their contributions to the greater Pulaski community in the 1890s.   We plan to publish the book later this year and offer it for sale.  Sharon and Linda have done an amazing job, and the book presents not just a focus on these 100 men, but their families also.

    Editing of the newest book by Julie Litts Robst on the biographies of the people in Pulaski Cemetery continues.  This book has been nearly 10 years in research and production, and will be offered for sale later in the spring in a four-volume set due to the size.   The researching public will truly appreciate Julies efforts to locate all obituaries, or in the absence of them, provide basic information on those interned in the main cemetery in Pulaski.  Price of the set is yet to be determined.

    Half-Shire’s website contains many valuable links to publications, maps and photos, as well as inventories of items at the society.    www.halfshire.org.   Thanks to Kevin Stewart and Steve young who maintain this site.

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