PublicationQTYShelf #TOTALMisc.
Battle of the Hills111$2.00
Battle of Big Sandy21$25.00
Centennial of Granges01
Corporate Rural Planning11$2.00
Dick’s Great Adventure21$22.00
Drummed Out01
Echos On The Eastern Shore11$3.00
Florence to 195301$5.00
John Messer Lowell Descendants01
List of Oswego County Cemeteries (Pink)01
Making Soap At Home81$2.00
Mayhem, Mystery & More661$20.0035 & 20 in boxes
Mexico Masons #13501$7.00
Mexico Mother of Towns (Hard Cover)01$43.00
Northern Oswego County21$22.00Arcadia
Of Blood & Battles -147th141$50.008 in a box
Orwell Old Homes Days 200811$1.00
Orwell Old Homes Days 201011$1.00
Orwell Old Homes Days 201411$1.00
Oswego Historical Society Journal 195211$5.00
Publish & Parish61$5.00
Redfield Old Home Days 1997141$1.00
Redfield Recipe Collection21$5.00
The Battle of the Hills111$2.00
The Great Ancestor Hunt11$2.00
The Huddle21$20.00
The Kids Family Tree Book01
The Pulaski Sesquicentennial 1832-198211$10.00
The Sixtown Settlers31$5.00
Tug Hill 4 Seasons Guide21$20.00
Tug Hill Literary Review Spring 200531$2.00
Tug Hill Literary Review Summer 200531$2.00
Tug Hill Literary Review Autumn 200541$2.00
Tug Hill Literary Review Spring 200641$2.00
Tug Hill Literary Review Winter 2005-2006181$2.00
Tug Hill: Shaping the Future of the Region141$22.00
200 Years Survival & Perseverance Redfield Cookbook01Recipes
When Families Made Memories Together11$10.00
Yesterdays & Yesterday181$5.00
Albion - Civil War Soldiers12$25.00
Albion Looking Back12$25.00
Beyond the Stones - Duguay Cemetery32$10.00
Brothers of the Past132$22.00
Building a Manner in the Wilderness12$5.00
Charles Tonner & the Box Factory12$5.00
Early Pulaski Town of Richland42$10.00
Fairview Cemetery - Williamstown (Updated 2008)12$25.00
French Lutheran Church - Colosse, NY32$27.00
History of Redfield Vol. 1 (Green)12$12.00
History of Redfield Vol. 2 (Sky Blue)12$20.00
History of Redfield Vol. 3 (Beige)22$20.00
History of Redfield Vol. 4 (Red)42$20.00
New Beginnings52$25.00
On the California Trail22$2.00
Ontario Iron Works12$5.00
Orwell Remembered42
Orwell Remembered Volume II52
Oswego County History 200th (Soft Cover)472$11.0044 in Boxes
PACS 1959 50th Reunion12$10.00
PACS 1964 50th Reunion02$10.00
PACS 1965 50th Reunion22$10.00
PACS 1966 50th Reunion02$10.00
PACS 1967 50th Reunion82$10.00
PACS 1968 50th Reunion02$10.00
PACS 1969 50th Reunion22$10.00
Pearl’s Poems12$10.00
Pekin Hill22$20.00
Pulaski - Oswego County’s “Factory Town”22$15.00
Redfield Village Cemetery32$2.00
Reflections of Amboy02
Richland Church of Christ72$10.00
Salmon River Odyssey02$10.00
Story of the R. W. & O. Railroad02$15.00
The Taming of the Wilderness22$5.00
Uphill Both Ways62$15.00
Williamstown Journal 1801-197312$10.00
A Look At the Past - Williamstown23$40.00
Index to A Look At the Past13$5.00
Bugles Echo Across the Valley - Vol. 153$20.00
Bugles Echo Across the Valley - Vol. 233$20.00
Bugles Echo Across the Valley - Vol. 393$20.00
Early Deaths - (Sandy Creek Cemeteries)23$10.00
Early Sandy Creek13$10.00
Ideal Rest Sanatorium23$10.00
Noyes Cemetery - Sandy Creek13$10.00
Osceola Jewel of Tug Hill113$10.00
Sandy Creek News Vol. 143$43.00
Sandy Creek News Vol. 243$43.00
St. Lawrence Co. Quarterly Summer 199133$5.00
Stevens Cemetery - Sandy Creek13$10.00
35th NY Infantry63$20.00
Village of Lacona - 125 Years13$10.00
West Monroe Union Settlement Cemetery03$2.00
History Town of Adams04$20.00
History Town of Boylston194$20.00
History Town of Ellisburg24$20.00
History Town of Henderson14$20.00
History Town of Loraine54$20.00
History Town of Rodman74$20.00
History Town of Worth24$20.00
History Town of Worth 1795-197634$8.00
Parish Methodist Church 150th Anniversary04
Calendar - Halfshire - 1999135$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200005$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 2001125$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200235$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200315$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200425$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 2005415$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 2006315$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 2007155$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200885$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 200995$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 2012445$1.00
Calendar - Halfshire - 201305$1.00
Calendar - Oswego Co Fair Old Sandy 1990-199135$2.00
Calendar - Parish - 200625$1.00
Calendar - Parish - 200805
Calendar - Parish - 200905
Calendar - Parish - 201205
Calendar - Parish - 201315$1.00
Calendar - New Haven Vets 2011115$2.00
Calendar - West Monroe 200645$1.00
Kasoag (Hard Cover)1SC-1$40.00
Kasoag (Soft Cover)3SC-1$25.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 1 - 20082SC-1$40.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 1 - 20093SC-1$40.00Yellow
Richland Township Cemeteries Updates to Vol. 1 2008-20112SC-1$40.00Blue
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 1 Revised 2011 Edition1SC-1$40.00Orange
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 1 Revised 2015 Edition1SC-1$40.00Yellow
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 1 Revised 2016 Edition2SC-1$40.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 2 South Richland - 20081SC-1$40.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 2 - 20091SC-1$40.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 2 South Richland Rev. 20110SC-1
Richland Township Cemeteries Updates to Vol. 2 2008-20111SC-1Purple
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 2 South Richland - 20181SC-1$45.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 2 - 20192SC-1$40.00
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 3 - 20161SC-1$45.00Green
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 3 - 20183SC-1$45.00Green
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 4 - 2018 A-Z (4 sets)5SC-1$160.00SET
Richland Township Cemeteries Vol. 4 - 2018 R-Z1SC-1$35.00
A Step Back In Time - Maple Hill10SC-2$35.00
Happy Valley7SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 14SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 23SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 34SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 44SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 52SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 63SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 72SC-2$35.00
Pulaski Democrat Vol. 82SC-2$43.00
West Camden/Westdale10SC-2$35.00
Williamstown Military Vol. 1 (Hard Cover)2SC-2$40.00
Williamstown Military Vol. 19SC-2$35.00
Williamstown Military Vol. 25SC-2$35.00
Williamstown Military Vol. 33SC-2$40.00
Of Blood and Battles5SC-3$50.00
Ontario County 1810 Census10SC-3$5.00
Oswego County History 200th (Hard Cover)15SC-3$22.0048 in Boxes
Trumble Clan3SC-3$44.00

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