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A collection of historic maps of Oswego Co., NY and surrounding areas can be viewed and/or downloaded using the following link. (If you are not familiar with flickr, you might want to read the Quick Guide to Flickr.)

Historic maps of Oswego Co., NY and surrounding areas

Old plat map overlays of the Salmon Reservoir and Town of Redfield, NY area can be viewed using the following link (broadband connection required).

Historic books

Old historic books relating to New York and Central New York in particular can downloaded and possibly viewed using the following link. These books are in the public domain and were digitized by Google, Microsoft, or Project Gutenburg. The .pdf files are stored on Google Drive and are accessed by clicking on the document title in the table that pops up. These are large image files and can take a long time to show up on the display.

The Google Docs viewer has had some file size limitations so, if the document is not displayed, you will still be able to download the file to your computer. (You will be warned that Google does not do a virus scan, but don’t worry about that.) If a preview of the document is displayed, you will also be able to download the file using the down arrow at the top left of the window.


County records on FamilySearch:

FamilySearch has scanned the microfilms of various New York county records and posted the images on their website.  You can examine these records page by page on your browser (like viewing them on a microfilm reader).
Use the links below to select a particular county and record type to begin viewing the records.  To find records for a particular individual, such as deeds, browse through the names in the index file for the grantee or grantor to find the date, volume, and page number for a deed relating to a particular individual.  Then, open the file listed in the index
and jump to the page that contains the document.


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