July 20, 2012

Half-Shire Historical Society July 20, 2012 The 155th Oswego County Fair is now history and the record of activities in Heritage Hall show a very productive week. We had many 100s of people walk through our building and visit with us. Our volunteers scanned 1,000s of photos and made corrections and additions to numerous family trees. The weather cooperated fully, with only one day that was overly warm. On Thursday July 5 we had moved all of our materials back to Richland and were fully functioning there again. Our snow scholars Marshall and Will relocated to the Court House to work on the Richland Civil War soldiers. Since our return to Richland we have picked up our work at sorting through accessions and scanning photos. We continue to welcome guests from across the country as summer travel is in full swing and our hors Thursday through Sundays are quite accommodating. On Saturday July 21 our monthly lunch meeting will be led by Vice President Monette. All are welcome for this first luncheon with the access lift installed. Lunch will be served at noon with a 1pm meeting followed by research time. Our work on the Pulaski walking tour continues with our AmeriCorps shared worked Kristin Pulvermiller. Kristin has photographed hundreds of images across the community and will be inserting these photos into the narrative tour along with older images copied from our collection as well as the holdings of Pulaski Historical Society. Kristin also works for our neighbor Rural and Migrant Ministry in Richland. Rodney Tilkins and Shawn Doyle have nearly completed a photographic documentation of three miles of the Salmon River that will also become part of our website as a “blueway tour” for kayak and tubing enthusiast. The tour will feature some great photos of the natural beauty of the river as well as some older rare photos taken in the early 1900s, as well as history of the river and its settlers. The Redfield Schools Reunion set for Saturday August 18 is now planned and invitations have gone out. Anyone who ever attended school in Redfield is welcome to join us for a lunch and reunion on that date in Richland. Fay Ann Colvin has headed up the planning along with her sister Paulette Yerdon. We had an interesting conversation with Redifeld graduate Yvette “Chiki” Dahl Harmon one day during the Fair. “CHiki” lives in Florida and was phoned up to check on her address. She will be 92 in October and sends her regards to all whom she once knew in the area. Half-Shire can be reached at halfshire@hotmail.com or on facebook at Half Shire. Our website is www.halfshire.com . Our building phone is 298-2986. Check out our interactive facebook page where we post photos while we are working to elicit comments. We have had a lot of good info come in as well as some fun with photos such as our recent 1903 Upton Rd. photo.

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