June 19, 2010

The Pulaski Farmer’s Market opened for the season on Friday June 4. Half-Shire will have a table most weeks on the northwest corner of the center square. On June 4th and 11th we saw many friends and members as we offered our books and afghan raffles to the public. A notebook with sheets on the downtown Pulaski historic district will be on display each week for people to look over and write in comments about what businesses they remember in the old downtown building. Please stop by and jot down your memories.

At our Richland headquarters renovations continue at a pace. A new drop ceiling is slated to be installed June 14 & 15 in the SW classroom. Painting was completed in that room the week of June 7th. Hardwood flooring should be installed during the last days of June to complete the work in this room. Downstairs, the main hall has had a fresh coat of floor paint applied, and the entry way spruced up some.

Work on our front gardens also continues, mulch was delivered on June 12th and is expected to be applied to the gardens through the next few weeks. The heavy rains of the past week have prevented some work from getting done outside. On June 20 we will host the wedding reception for Erin bacon and Kris Klarner, and we anticipate most of this work being done.

On June 12th we had a full day of work taking in materials from the late George Widrig. Rick Telian and friend Katie assisted until the late hours of the night as materials were sorted and consigned to storage boxes for later accessioning. Some interesting scrapbooks and many valuable family files and local histories are part of this collection. We have found many times in recent weeks where we miss being able to ring George up on a particular question of history. His legacy will live on for many years in his extensive research complied and left to our organization.

Late on June 12th we lost one of our other long-time members when Vernon V. Randall of Redfield passed away. Born March 24, 1917 the son of Marvin and Beulah (Munger) Randall, Vernon lived out his life on the Greenboro family farm which had been first inhabited by Benjamin Randall in 1803. Vernon worked for the Town of Redfield and Sandy Creek Schools until his retirement in 1979. At that time he was elected to the Oswego County legislature and served his community for fifteen years. Vernon was known to this writer as “Uncle Bill”, through his first marriage to the late Evelyn Ballou, by whom he has two daughters Lowana Davenport and Judith Huyck who survive along with 4 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

“Bill” was an expert on the history of Redfield and particularly the “north end”, and enjoyed talking about the families and the farms of that community’s
past. Each year at the County fair “Bill” would spend considerable time in the heritage building reminiscing about people and places. He was a regular attendee of the Fair, and was made a life member of the association along with his wife Marie several years ago. He will be sorely missed by those who cared for him and enjoyed his company.

“Bill” took time to write many of his memories down in a set of memoirs, and we look forward to having the opportunity to read these pages that have brought such comfort to his family in his last days when they were able to read them.

Half-Shire can be reached at www.halfshire.com or P.O. 73, Richland, NY 13144 Our facility is open Fridays from noon till 4pm or by appointment. 298-3620 for more information.

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