May 29, 2010

The annual Oswego County Fair, heritage hall planning session was held as part of our monthly lunch meeting on Saturday May 22, 2010. Approximately 35 people attended. A surprise guest that day was Mark Wright of the Central New York Cultural Resources Council. Mark administers grants given out by this organization which took over the old Arts & Culture group that many of us once knew. Mark was complimentary of Half-Shire’s facility, and had the opportunity to talk to a cross section of the county from Granby to Boylston about the upcoming round of grants available.

Officials of the Oswego County Fair also joined us for lunch and spoke about the upcoming event. President Carol Sweeney addressed the heritage hall parking and again reinforced that we need to keep the back gate moving freely, and ensure heritage workers are on the daily list.

In other Half-Shire motions, monies were approved for hardwood flooring in the SW classroom as well as a new drop ceiling and insulation there. This will pretty much complete this room when done in early June.

The first meeting of the Friends of the Agricultural Society of Oswego County was held immediately following the Half-Shire meeting. The following five trustees were elected, to the following offices: Milferd Potter, President; Kathy Mulcahey, Vice President; Shawn Doyle, Secretary; Greg Monette, Treasurer. Margaret Kastler also will serve as a Trustee without additional office. Terms were set at staggered rates with Doyle serving 1 year, and on through alphabetically for growing terms. As time passes each trustee will be elected to a five year term. This group was formed in order to apply for 501 © 3 status to assist the Fair Association. There were 35 present to form the group, with the next meeting set for Friday July 3, at the Fair at a time to be announced.

On Sunday May 23, a work day was held at Half-Shire with Kris Klarner, Erin Bacon, Ken Bacon, Andrew Balcom and Shawn Doyle working variously for upwards to twelve hours. A community service worker also joined the group. A significant amount of filing was accomplished inside, with most of our daffodil, hyacinth and tulip bulbs dug up for separation and storage. The original bulbs, donated by June Walker, were planted three years ago and they have spread well.

At the May 23, meeting solicitation for rose bushes was made for a memorial rose garden to be set out on the front lawn in place of the current crescent perennial garden. The garden is to be set out in the next few weeks. Thanks go out to Nancy Smith and daughter Lisa Yesenky for their gracious donation of annual plants in our barrels and urns out front. They were planted before our meeting and commented on by many. Nancy said the donation was in memory of George Widrig.

Erin Bacon, our AmeriCorps worker for the summer has hit the ground running with students from the Pulaski History Club assisting her in various projects. The key project to be completed will be the digitalization of Brookside cemetery in Richland with the resulting photos set out in scrapbooks for the public to utilize. If this is completed in a timely manner, Riverside cemetery in Pulaski is next. The students also will participate in some painting of the SW classroom and the main hall under Bacon’s direction.

Our volunteer Richard Cooper brought in a gem of news clipping on Saturday. He located the obituary of Judge William Hale, who was a Judge and early Oswego County Sheriff. The 1859 obituary said Hale had relocated to Peoria, Illinois in 1835 and with his brother Asahel made a small fortune in lumber mills. Hale was the son of Revolutionary War soldier Gersham Hale, and was born in Pawlet, VT in 1795.

Half-Shire can be reached at or at 1100 County Rte. 48, P.O.73, Richland, NY 13144. We shall soon resume weekday hours, but for the time being are open Fridays and Saturdays from 9-4.

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