November 26, 2010

The Society will hold its November meeting on Saturday November 27, 2010 at the H. Douglas Barclay Court House in Pulaski at noon. Following a light lunch and brief meeting we anticipate some musical selections to open up the Christmas season. As of this writing we have not yet confirmed the entertainment. Holiday goodies will be served as always regardless, and the 2011 schedule of meetings and events will be available.

On Friday November 12, the arts communities across central New York lost a very dear friend and advocate with the sudden death of Mark Wright, head of the CNY Cultural Resources Council. Mark had struggled with health issues for the past few years but his death at age 50 was still quite a shock to us all. A native of Massachusetts, Mark had moved to the Syracuse area as a youth and fell in love with the region. Mark was an especially good friend to small arts and cultural agencies in Oswego County, and came to our meeting at Half-Shire in August. A strong advocate in the regions arts community has now left us for another world, a great loss to us all.

Last week I mistakenly identified visitors to Half-Shire as coming from Montana. In fact, Mr. & Mrs. Lee were here from Michigan. We received a very nice ancestor packet on the Walworth family who came through eastern Oswego County in the mail on Thursday last week. The well-researched packet is already a great assistance as it has tied in many families in the region in the early nineteenth century. Our thanks also go out to Mrs. Sara Barclay who sent along some information on the Walworths from the Price-Douglas Diaries that she has transcribed.

As November draws to a close we are closing up Half-Shire for the season. We will begin Friday hours at the Barclay Court House 2nd floor office (new section) on Friday the 26th, and continue through spring. Hours planned are from 12-5pm, and are subject to change. Closing the Richland facility a few months will help us to save on fuel and have more monies available for capital projects in 2011. Community service worker Ian Lowery will continue to assist in the movement of files to the Court House.

Richland Deputy Historian Erin Bacon Klarner and husband Kris will be visiting for a week on break from Notre Dame. Mrs. Klarner has a particular glow about her we understand and look forward to catching up.

Half-Shire can be contacted at P.O. Box 73, 1100 County Rte. 48 Richland, NY 13144 or on the web at

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